Im so cringe
Submitter: Phamit
Date Published: 2020-10-25 12:17:18

Evidence Quality:
Name At Time Of Abuse:
Im so cringe
Bad n buchu(im so cringe) got a drop of inquistor's plateskirt. Hosted in WDR by one joint. Which is apparently bad n buchu brother. Investigation: one point and bad n buchu (im so cringe) were corporal in a cc called skxrp and the cc leader has said they were brothers to which he confirms bad n buchu name was change to im so cringe. As none of the victims couldn't find his current name. (one point said he had him added and suspiciously deleted him). You can also see in one of the images one point changing his rank from gold star to friends. Photos from cc leader that 'im so cringe' reacting to the call out and helping WDR moderators find his current name. (Seems to be one joint relaying msgs to his "brother" about scam and we couldn't find the name and reacted to the cc leader once it was found by him and a fellow mentor who had him added for a learner raid )
355 M
Not Splitting
One joint, Pnak, Stage 95 & Squanched
Inquisitor's Plateskirt

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