Elon IVIusk
Submitter: Macman773
Date Published: 2020-04-16 17:56:20

Evidence Quality:
Name At Time Of Abuse:
Elon IVIusk
Rs Generals hosted a split Corp event, meaning every item dropped was meant to be split in the end. About a hour in a clan member named Elon IVIusk got an Ely sigil drop and he ran off with the sigil and shared it among his only close friends. This was NOT a free for all event. We had a spectral drop also during the corp event and that was at least split among everyone here. Days after his friends still try to brag they got some of the split the scammer took from the event.
769.08 M
Not Splitting
Rs Generals
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V thirsty Whys my name not in the victim list mac? 5 months ago
Ivar Bonez (This comment is FAKE) I am a cc member of rs generals and it was a free for all event and they got mad that he got any ely. They have hated him for a long time and want to drag his name through the mud. 5 months ago
Will osrs @V thirsty Ask the submitter to contact us if there should be more victims. @Ivar Bonez why are you still in this clan if you claim they are posting false reports? 5 months ago
Ivar Bonez The message above is not me, as you know that is fake, FYI :) 5 months ago
V thirsty I would but since I left the clan he isnt going to put my name on the victim list. 5 months ago
Will osrs @Ivar, yes I can see the two comments using your name have two different IP's and different tracking data :) 5 months ago

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